Trial: An Ode for the One-Eyed Face

Lukisan “Stanczyk saat pesta dansa di pengadilan Ratu Bona yang baru kehilangan Smolensk” karya Jan Matejko yang diselesaikan pada tahun 1862.

Fourteen winged faces shoved into sun-
Less tombs, mouth wide open under the EXIT.
Each was called out with an eye to submit
And another to keep. One sojourned
Where the others had been. “What’ve you seen?”
Came a voice so profound. He fought the fear
To tilt but saw no face aground: “I’ve seen life.”
The voice paced forth and the thunders thrive.
It cast his eye and told him to refrain
Some remnants of memories he lay pride within.
Then, his dyed-white guise began to deign:
“How’d I squeeze back the sight that’s purloined?”
Thus a smile was thrown but not for good,
Clung to the the souls, longing to be spooked.
Grind! Grind! He reached the ground’s apex
Dazzled by the vast expanse before him
As if he just revealed a brave new world.
“I’m here,” he purred in the need of whim
To see life better at once and the next.

AUGUST, 2017.

Note: This poem was inspired by the day of my undergraduate thesis trial.