In Memoriam: Musholla FIB Unpad


Just last Saturday this mid-May I decided to sleep over at campus, only to entertain myself from the hilly-billy of my skripsi. I brought anything necessary; I filled my stomach and got ready to surf. One of other destinations I had planned to visit was Musholla FIB Unpad. Not only is it warm at night, but also no one barely came there after college time ends. That is why that becomes the most comfortable place to stay over night or just chill out.

Shortly, I slept there and everything seemed okay. Until the next day, I returned to my kos-kosan and found this photo in Line’s Official Account of DKM Al-Mushlih FIB Unpad. At first, I was shocked because I never really thought this would happen. I mean, the building was constructed 2 years ago (if I’m not mistaken), and we were convinced that it would last, at least 5 years. But who knows?

This afternoon, I came to see it on my own, and it was right. In the front door, a label saying “Sementara tidak digunakan karena atap roboh,” kept my eyes and felt a little heart-broken. However, I already had my ablution and prayed there anyway. It stroke me that as I did the takbir, I felt a bit worried and kept questioning: “What if all of a sudden a part of the roof fell down and hit me right on the head?”

My prayer got distracted for a little while.

In a flash, my mind ran into a thousand pictures or memories. Although it only went, like, I don’t know, four-five seconds, but the spur of that moment punched me in the chest.

But one that I recalled most vividly is that of two years ago, particularly when I was still joining an organization called BPM (or Student Council) and the musholla was just a concept in a piece of paper and a topic at late-night supper discussion. Back then, most of the time of our meetings, we talked to each other about the construction of a new musholla, knowing that the old musholla was 1) not big enough for both male and female students; 2) the space for ablution was no better; and 3) it was initially constructed to hold Shalat Jumat, so that the staff or students having an event in Friday do not have to go down to Mesjid Raya Unpad.

What an idea, right?

I thought it was a great plan too. But, then again, a plan is just a plan. When the musholla was opened for the first time, each party involved gathered and they were smiling and happy, thinking that “this is a new day!”

But, eventually, Allah is what decides in our hands.

From that point, I learned that I must not get too self-satisfied for what I have achieved, earned, or gotten. The options are only two: if it does not lead you to mere happiness, it does to disappointment. No matter how solidly I have planned along the way, but if it is not good for me and not suitable for me at the moment, then it’s time to give it away, let it be, and move on.

“Love your lover mildly, who knows that one day (s)he becomes your enemy, and hate those who you hate mildly as well, who knows one day (s)he becomes your lover.” (Hadits Riwayat Turmizi)


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