“We Are Afraid”: A Note on Sarinah Bomb Terror

Although it has been a month away from the Sarinah bom “terror,” the euphoria will never go far from the ground. I witnessed people put a logo saying “We Are Not Afraid” as their display pictures on social media, and my heart was torn apart. Well, we have all faced the fact that Indonesia is subsumed within the category of bomb-targeted countries throughout these last 8 – 10 years, along with many other countries, particularly those with the Muslims as majority. Honestly, I never felt afraid in the first place because I always convince myself that Allah has scheduled my death when it is the time, like many things happening in life.


After the bomb happened in January 2016, to be frank, I willed myself to reread religious books and references I have only to assure myself that Islam is a religion of peace and passionate, just like Christian, Hindu, and Buddha. I always do this because sometimes I get distracted from the world and how exciting and intriguing it is. But don’t you?

As the media broadcasted the news live, I was watching TV. Deep in my heart, I have made myself aware that such thing was going to happen. I also forbid myself from immersing myself too much from the media chit chats, one of which saying that this is about jihaad. You see, the Koran itself has stated that, as I interpret it, when one commits suicide, that is not the way you “fight” for Islam; as in fact you are defying it. Then I realize, this is not about religion any longer. It is about humanity and how we strive to get on there.

“So let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter, and whoever is killed fighting in the Way of Allah of is victorious, We shall grant him a Might Reward.” – An Nisa: 74

Now that it has all partially passed, interspersed by the dramatic series of the poisoning of Wayan Mirna, my friends might never forget that they put the “We Are Not Afraid” logo. It is a brutal thing to do, because, first, they put it only because other people do it. Second, spreading the logo whilst the occurrence is still being debated, might lead to another problem: people would sooner or later become so used to terrorism, that they will do anything, whether it is good or bad, to eradicate the term terrorism out of the map. In a neighborhood, for instance, an unknown man bringing a sack suspiciously, wandering about the streets, might quickly be associated with a terrorist. The people won’t wait to interrogate him or blacken his eyes to let him claim that he is not. People won’t care. They just don’t.

Who knows that those who have been so inculcated by the hustle-bustle of terrorism, blind of the preconceptions or laws about it, might escort that unknown man to death, after supposedly taking him to the court. This not-being-afraid-of-terror encouragement that the society constructs, somehow bring about another sphere of fear, which is that of not easily trusting anyone, despite their own beloveds.

In effect, there will be some people who get curious and act. They scan others only to make sure that they are not endangering any parties. Some other people get curious only, but do not do anything. These kinds of people claim themselves not fearful of terrorism, but deep inside, hides beneath their shields. The last kind of people is those who remain calm and resilient, nonetheless taking part in discussions as to find a way to solve the problem and not just chatterboxing about how bad the intelligence agencies are or how weak the country’s security systems are.


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