My English-literature Year: Surprises and Prayers

It’s been awhile since I shared my very first experience when I got accepted in SASING UNPAD. I was just younger back then and didn’t expect that the post achieved so many responds from people I don’t even know. It then strikes me that the comments are still increasing nowadays. Most of the comments show gratitudes and curiosities I’d never imagine they would be. At one point, I have become content with that because the responds are amazing, and I kind of love to share everything due to my enrollment in my major. However, as I am sitting here enjoying my holiday in 2014, a myriad of beautiful feelings cross up my mind.

I have truly never given much thought about my enrollment at the first place. All I knew was how grateful I had become to be the student of English Literature in UNPAD, which was a dream-come-true. Looking at that post once again, I realized how many things had been going on through my life. In fact, I remember meeting my very first friends–the colleagues of my university year–in the main hall of B building of FIB UNPAD. It felt just like a whip when I sat there, knowing I would obtain multitudes of campus-related encounterances. I just couldn’t wait attending Grammar class, amidst other students, speaking English with the lecturer, discussing about ideas and all. Oh! It’s always been my passion to be in such atmosphere.

Time passed by, and I got my first, wonderful GPA in the first semester, which got better in the second. Besides, I started to like college even more, so I decided to join two organizations at once, BPM and DKM. Both were the organizations that especially made me who I became. I, thus, got to be more discipline and strict to rules. Nevertheless, these happenstances made me more critical and aware not only of my priorities with my academic involvements but also of my daily schedules. I was also chosen as a student representative both in my class and in my major. In this moment, of course, I had to be open-minded to everyone and listen to whatever their needs. It was not easy, though, but I settled as I succeeded to pass to the third semester.

Now, this was my most favorite moments of my “Sasing” life. Not only did I have the chance to experience a number of organizations and academics events, but also even both. This time, despite my being busy-bee at campus, I decided to join Putra Putri Padjadjaran, which I never heard of before. One day, I was walking down the corridor to get into my writing class, and suddenly my senior handed a piece of paper over to me. It’s like a form of enrollment or something; I didn’t get the chance to look at it closely because I was in a rush. After a bunch of considerations, I finally fulfilled the form and joined it. The next day, I was called for an interview and passed. It was a long process to reach the Grand Final Stage, but I enjoyed doing it. In fact, I got to learn how to walk, like “walk” of a model, to smile, and even to breathe! Instead, I never regretted it because I got the second best place, which was The First Runner Up.

Indeed, I realized that I have long been here, but not long enough. Eventhough I already gained a number of my dreams, I still felt like I was starting to losing my college year–personally. I recognized that, in spite all the popularity, I hadn’t spent enough times for my friends, really. It’s too unreallistic to say but I was just too busy and too, well, lazy to hang out with them. But as it stroke to my mind that I’d been hanging around taking care of campus business, I always contacted them and hung around with them. I didn’t know if it was a wrong thing to do, but at least I gave myself a chance, and would give more as I am still with them.

And now, another thing came in this semester. Today, I only took 5 subjects for my fourth semester, which was only 11 credits! It’s not that I don’t care about it, but I was surprised how fast things have passed. Hopefully, the decision to take those subjects would be suitable with my being involved in BPM FIB UNPAD. Bismillah.


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