Si Doel Anak Betawi: Now and Then

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Never has it come to my mind that it has been 4 days away from the final examination. Seven preparation days before the Final Examination is held, which I preferrably call the ‘quiet week’. Having been cordially demanded to be performers of a friend’s wedding before, I decided to go to Tangerang for a couple of days.

Before living in Jatinangor, I used to spend my hours watching TV, gaining some refreshment via internet, and do other fun stuff. So when I get back home after several months without enjoyment, I become apathetic to any gadget or technological equipment. That is, this happens once more, but surprisingly, in a good way. For approximately 4 days being home, I promptly get accustomed to TV programs since I have nothing to do but to work on my final papers. 😀

As it comes to my surprise, I gradually realized that how varying TV programs actually are. One of which I am really into right now is Si Doel Anak Betawi, a week-day aired soap opera, dilligently offering a series of stories about Betawians, one of the most far-famed, original Indonesians’ ethnics, whose family members are each encountering not only colloquial, everyday problems, but also love affairs that most people in our neighborhood likely to occur. Many actors who have been the rising stars of Indonesia’s movies entertainment enlivened the show as time continued, such as Rano Karno, Cornelia Agatha, Maudy Kosnaedy, Mandra, Basuki, Benyamin S., and many others.

The show first aired around 2005, which turned out to be the most succesful, favorite, and desired tv program only a week after its releasing during that time. In effect, not only the program soon became the most watched program on the golden era, but the actors were also deemed to be the best actors that Indonesia’s Movies Entertainment ever had. Offering more mundane problems than untangling family dilemmas, these actors manage to bring up the chemistry toward each other. Si Doel Anak Betawi provides much more of what the audience are expecting to reap from this movie. It rather expounds the simplicity of what Betawians family may encounter whenever they are on the verge of economic, social, and triangle-love matters.

Ki-ka: Cornelia Agatha (Sarah), Rano Karno (Doel), Maudy Kosnaedy (Zaenab)

Generally speaking, I simply like how the plot goes as the story creates chains of events as the characters encounter different problems, but soon get the resolutions by having a family gathering. I also get a lot of benefits watching the program, one of which is that “every problem has its own solutions.” Apart from what cultural or educational background each of us possesses, it does not rule out the possibilities of what creates us to be anything or anyone that we want. Doel is one of the proofs. He succeeds in getting his dream job, manages to be sent to Switzerland for his excellent performance. Knowing that he is the delegate of his company, his family celebrates his success by having slametan, a mini party in which traditional people usually get to make nasi tumpeng and invite their neighbors, showing simplicity of what a society in certain ethnic in Indonesia may be. After all, Si Doel’s intervening triangle love affair between Sarah and Zaenab, two girls from dissimilar family backgrounds, also shows the workaday of Betawians.

The continuance of the program halts in about 2008 as more and more programs showing teen, corny stories, murders, rapes, mother-daughter failing relationship, and free-sex misleading arise. The reairing of this soap opera recently means more than just the pent-up feelings of the so-called audience, but also it attests that the 90s TV soap opera is, in a mere word, way much well-developed and well-characterized than those we have today.

Moreover, this two-hour program offers not only the dramatic, grappling, tear-trigger situations in certain moments, but also comical, yet profound atmosphere from which the actors deliver. I deeply recognize that Betawians accent does not sound rather like ‘speaking’, but more sounds like ‘screaming’, which is terrifying, but funny as well. It came to my mind that I would never get accustomed to living with Betawians for only a week. He he he. Despite all that, that what actually makes the program favored most not only in 2005, but nowadays also. All in all, amidst other present TV programs offering child abuse, sexual harrasment, or violent acts which are aired daily, Si Doel Anak Betawi comes with a profound description of a family living in a humble traditionality and togetherness, giving not only mere dramatic conflicts, crunchy love affairs, and exemplary entertainment, but also lessons of family lives from a myriad of cultural backgrounds.

How about you?
Do you have certain favorite soap opera that you thought you’d never like it in the first place?


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