O Homesick!

‘Homesick’. Everybody gets homesick. It is a metaphor used for so many people living far away from home to do or contribute to something. It is also an expression to convey how much you miss your hometown or the beloved people at your home. That kind of feelings of leaving and the so-called crystal-clear imagination of going out of town hit me already even before my moving to Jatinangor, since I have been fully committed to being accepted in Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor, Sumedang. Nevertheless, it never came accross to my mind that I was going to leave, but, in the end, I had to.

The D day finally came. It was the first day of college and I was so excited knowing that I was going to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: to learn english literature. As the time goes by, the three-months college days have been away and I’m starting to be used to with tasks and works and presentations. Most of my lecturers always tell us, the students, to hand in our tasks a week after the tasks are given. Everything went quite smoothly afterwards, but after then, I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to remember the old days where there were only me, my mom, my dad, and my siblings sitting around the furnace and talking at our living room for hours, sharing love and laughter.

So, to resolve all that, I have to get to do something. I just can’t be like this, weeping for hours because the chance of seeing my family back is slight. I, then, decided to make lists what to do to recover my sadness, and this might be somewhat tips for you who feel the same:

1. Pray. I never said that I was a religious person, but this, in a mere word, really works. It also, in my opinion, seems to be the best resolution for the broken heart, and raged feelings. Have you ever bothered to think: who creates sadness inside of our soul? Who creates joy when we laugh so hard? Who falls your tears when you’re stuck in choosing between two difficult options in life? It is God. So, how come we wouldn’t run to Him and leave over our problems to The One who creates it? Even if, on our hardest days and times, we know that we’re having a bad/good time, but most of us seem not to be grateful for what God has given us so blessingly and abundantly. Praying is also as important as reading Alquran.

2. Read books. Even if you don’t like reading–or if you do–it doesn’t actually matter. Books are the best friend whom we can keep our secrets to, release our boredom to, and talk to.

3. Watch movies. I don’t recently watch movies, anyway. Here, in my hostel (a house provided for students at college), even though they have a cable TV, but I never seem to be willing to go outside my room. Tee hee. It’s always been nice to get myself comfortable and make my own space inside my room to do anything possible, and what surprises me even more, I never get bored here. Big time!

4. Listen to the music. I always do. It’s always been a soothing and relaxing thing to go for.

5. Study. Of course.

6. Go places. Though it sounds a bit funny, but I always go places, visit buildings, purchase books on my own. I don’t mind not being accompanied and do my own stuff by myself, but everything just seems much better if I do particular things on my own.

7. Make a call. I usually ring my parents or siblings or relatives if I feel like it. Or maybe texting them recovers me from gloominess already. I always do because I always visualize how my life would be wihout them, remembering that there are so many kids and orphans and people in the lack of food and decent life. They have no parents–no one to run to. They crave for something they wish to get something they’re worth obtaining. They cry out for the love from their mothers. I am such a lucky person to be having my own parents. Have you ever imagined what would your life turn out to be when the ones you loved so much have gone–or died? Can you stand by yourself? Do you even ever hypothesize whether your life would remain happy and full of joy when no smile, advices, and a pure love from your parents?

I wish I could tell you how much this list works to me everytime I get ‘homesick’, but everyone has their own list, I’m sure. Overall, this list actually reminds me of being back together with my family back then, it makes me realize that I am never actually far away, I am home. It is only the distance that separates us. No matter how far you think you are, no matter how the distance keeps you and your family apart, no matter how much you miss them. You’re actually never far away 🙂


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