Freshman Rules

I’d never spend too much time thinking about what college was like, or what was–or had been–inside. The only thing that I’ve gone too much far in my subconscious was that I’m gonna get and learn some new experiences with a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree differences up here.

It’s been a sincere one week for me, to go in to a college. Hanging up with these new aspects that I–sooner or later–have to conform and jump into it. Friends, seniors, places, sites, foodcourts, buildings, and various rhythms of college-related stuff that I’d have to adapt myself in. Methinks, there’s nothing better than being a freshman in a new place. It’s like, you’re a new bait. You never know what you’re gonna get, or who you’re gonna meet and get to know. You have to look over by yourself by asking and walking around and sightseing around them.

You always are amazed by the first look of your upfront faculty park  that has always been surrounded by these seniors. You never laugh when you realize that one of those seniors’ creepy, hungry, riveting face seems to stare at you. You walk by in front of them, try to greet them politely, and get a greeting back. You smile at different reasons and a different points. As a freshman, you can’t smile to another freshman you don’t think you know, but you have to smile to all seniors even though they pass you by everytime you do. Hurts, though.

As you–or more of you probably don’t–know, I’m under the auspices of English Department of Padjadjaran University. It is one of the best things on my wishlist: to study more about literature. Studying literature further than what I have studied back then is what I’ve always been looking for. Here, I met so many friends, since the Agriculture Faculty has nine departments already, in which the English and Japanese Department have the most students every year.

I found it really intriguing to know one another through their character and where they come from, because I can dig a little bit more something about them and what they interests are. Another reason what I really like about colleges is the environmental aspects. When I was in highschool, there’s no rule that you are in the same class with some friends at your neighborhood. But universities are so diverse. I’m having a little bit culture-shock at the moment but I’ll make it balance along with my being here.

I never know, how I am going to get along with all of these things but I’ll try to work it out anyway. The lecturers that currently teaching my class were so attractive. I never knew that not all of the lecturers used english for daily conversations, but I’m still hoping to study in a speaking-english country. Indonesia should, at least, try to apply english language in any kind of activities between students and teachers or among the students.

I love being in a class. I love being with my friends. I love listening to the lecturers. Then I have to go work it out myself. There’s something valuable I found in working hard when facing the SNMPTN test couple months ago, and it all was paid off right up here! I never felt this kind of ecstatic, joyful feeling being in a class with my friends. Not just like in my highschool, my 39 other friends were almost doing any other thing rather than listening to the teachers. But here, it’s just another silence, another quiet moment that all you hear is what the lecturers say and the smooth whispers here and there.


I can’t wait to experience other suprising things up here. So, how about you? Do you have a bonding experience as a freshman in college?


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