Sajak Kecil Tentang Cinta

A lovely Indonesian poem called “Sajak Kecil Tentang Cinta” by Sapardi Djoko Ramono. The poem itself has been brought up into a song with the same title and put in the soundtrack of “Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park”.

The poem tells a story about something we love and it has to be fought for. For what happens anytime could be a big time barrier on us in pursuing something we deeply fall in love with. Each stanza speaks somehow and I felt so full-heartedly exhilarated by the words.

Mencintai angin harus menjadi siul
Mencintai air harus menjadi ricik
Mencintai gunung harus menjadi terjal
Mencintai api harus menjadi jilat
Mencintai cakrawala harus menebas jarak
Mencintaimu harus menjelma aku


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