Ramadhan: May This Holy Month Be Your Month

Ramadhan has finally come! The Holy Month that Moslems have been waiting for eventually has come already. Be grateful for being given the privilege to enjoy and realize how beautiful and perfectly peaceful it is to sip and inhale the freedom air in Ramadhan morning. Alhamdulillah..

Ahhh… I’m reeally exhilarated today. This morning, right after praying Subuh, I coincidentally and decidedly couraged the idea of regathering and putting together religion-related refferences for my reading materials by the time I am in my new boarding home (read: kost). Hehehehehe. It has never been far away since the last time I celebrated Ramadhan last year, and it’s here! It’s come already. Time flies like a jet, ya?

Don’t you ever think or even bothered to deny that–either consciously or unconsciously–this month is something we’re desperately waiting for. The month of blessings. Because it’s obvious that Allah Swt. has given us prodigious blessings–health, being a moslem, or just for the sake of inhaling and feeling that mild air through our lung. Every blessing that counts every second. These privileges, these golden chances are given to us to denounce all of our doubts, worries, and anxieties in real life. All those regrets feelings we used to do in the past, we can fix it now in The Holy Month, Ramadhan. Haven’t you noticed how perfectly stupendous it is that the sun asks Allah’s permission every morning to rise at the time persisted and at the place where it rises. And the stars are crying their heart out because of the fear of The Almight Allah Subhanallahi Wata’ala to hide whilst the sun glides to its place. Subhanallah.. Allahu Akbar..

Anyway, my family and I are going back to hometown, Pontianak on August the 14th later on, home sweet home. I crazily can’t wait to see and meet the faces of my cousins, aunties, nephews, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas. Oh.. How are they doing? And how the condition right there while we live in Jakarta. I’ve got some fun, priceless Ramadhan’s experiences while I was in Pontianak back then. But everyone should have their fun, crazy, wild experiences fasting and all that. Especially to those who would reap a lesson from it. How beautiful and peaceful it is. Allah Swt. The Almighty gives calmness and peace everytime we’re surrounded with our loved ones, in the middle of our big family. Surrounded with the ones we would grab their hands, kiss their forehead, hug, and hold still.

Who would know that this might be our last Ramadhan in our precious, joyful and rich life? The last of The Holy Month we’ve passed. The Magnificent and Stupendous Month that uncomparably could be synchronized with any other month which can anesthetize the hearts of human who strives and misses of love, of Allah. Hence, avoid breaking and cutting off the Silaturrahim rope amongst us Moslems. Enemies, friends, competitors, and rivals are equal in Allah’s sight. It’s just the willing to admit which one of those categories fits us best. Are we enemies to somebody? Rivals, maybe? Or, maybe even both? Only Allah Subhanahu Wata’aala and the others who judge would decide.

Use this Holy Month as well as possible. Stop wasting your precious time living other people’s lives. Read Al-Qur’an and review inside. Visit siblings and dial the string of Silaturrahim rope amongst brothers, sisters, and other relatives. Insya Allah, Allah will open the door of intimacy and prosperity inside our heart all.

Happy Fasting to all of you Moslems out there!


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