Moments In Cinema

I’d never spend much time thinking about Indonesian movies. It’s 3 out of 10 of good Indonesian movies were released. What about the rest ‘7’ of it? Teen-flick, semi-pornography, adult horror movies which are believed is the success key of Indonesian movies –remembering that maybe most of Indonesian filmmakers are running out of brilliant ideas, and facing the fact that most of Indonesians tend to watch some cheap, low-budget movies– no wonder in movies industry, Indonesia has so many horror movie filmmakers, while the brilliant ones only left few of them.

So, I was about to catch up a movie the other day, and saw a bunch of couples standing in line making a queue. I jumped into the line and was alone. Yeah, one thing you should know about me, I love watching at cinemas by myself. Sometimes, it just feels good to be able to sit without any annoying noises beside you or even you don’t have to share a popcorn. Just in case your movie-mate don’t go for a popcorn and you always hate it to be the one who did and had to share with them. Haha!

And even you don’t need to take your movie-mate permission to go to the restroom. Hey, will you hold my popcorn for a sec? I’mma go to the restroom. And when you came back, you found that your popcorn cardboard was lighter before you went, and it seemed that your popcorn was just about a half of the package and starting making those suspicious look to your movie-mate. That tempted mood to ask, Did you eat my popcorn? And when s/he shook his/her head and gave that innocent face, you’re starting to have that ferocious thought. Dafuqqqq I spent a good money for this. I’m gonna rip your belly off and cut it out to get my popcorn back!!!!. But you didn’t. You got back to the screen and just watched along.

It was just nice, you know. I mean, I’ve lived for 17 years and the first time I knew the cinema was when I was 8. My mom brought me to this nearest cinema to watch some children movies. So, she asked me and my brother to wait up for her while she’s buying for a popcorn and beverages. AND I HAD NOTHING TO THINK ABOUT. Just my mom came back, I wasn’t there. I was crying so hard that I thought she had left me for a couple hours, while the fact was only a couple of minutes. Hahaha.

Remembering all those things going on back then makes me feel how lucky I am to be around with my mom and to be invited to go to the cinema at that age. I was so afraid that I’d lost my mom. But right now, everytime I’m about to go for a movie, she was like “Whom are you going with, son?” or “I can’t believe how many times you watch a movie this week!!”. There’s always been that thought to ask her to come over with me, but she knows that I need it; refreshments, movies. So she gives me enough money to watch though.

So what about you?
Do you ever have that embarassing moment or memories while you were at the cinema?


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