“21 Jump Street” movie review

I’m not a well-reviewed movie reviewer, but am just gonna blow up a little bit about this one.

21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are the new comedy hero! I can say. At one gaze, I was in between what I was gonna watch at the cinema this afternoon. Looking at the poster of 21 Jump Street, Channing’s holding a tough gun and in a white luxurious tux. And Jonah, in the same suit looking silly and makes-me-laugh face. I thought the movie’s gonna be an action, like, a semi-killer blood-bath action movie. Where all you can see is blood all over the movie, and explosions everywhere.

But I was very wrong.

This movie was totally hillarious! I can’t stop laughing, and even get a chance to grin and smirk in certain scenes.

The story follows up through Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) who were under control of a police school somewhere in USA. They’d been trying that hard to be the best at anything in their job. Like, catching criminals, or arresting some drug dealer, kind of thing. But it seemed that they’re not so good at it.

At the first time of their duty being a cop, they saw a couple of drug dealers hanging around the suburbs and seen smoking around like a boss. Of course, Jenko and Schmidt, with all of their so-called courage, came over to them and checked whether the dealers having a real drug in their pocket or not. Not having a good experience of being a cop, they recklessly released them off, and the dealers easily got away.

Having known that the two cops can’t complete their first duty, the chief was totally nerve-wracked. Finally, he transferred them both to another headquarter called 21 Jump Street. There, they were given a new assignment of a drug dealing in a highschool. To find out who the dealer is, they had to disguise as a high-schooler as well. And this is the cool part.

I love how the director (Phil Lord and Chris Miller) combine the humour, action, and life of teenagers nowadays. It’s a really fresh idea. Okay, so at a first sight, most of students in the highschool were suspecting that Jenko and Schmidt were not really a student, because they didn’t look like one. And this is how it went.

There are teenage parties, cool science-class lessons, drama plays, and many more that you’ll find in most of Higschools. One thing that caught my attention is, JHONNY DEPP’S APPEARANCE at the end of the movie was shocking! Yet so interesting. Johnny’s role is a former Jump Street Member, he’d been working for the drug dealer for five years, and at the moment, he seemed to admit how desperate he was when he was working with them. And yes, he helped Jenko and Schmidt! Tho Johnny Depp’s just a cameo, I’m glad that they put him on this movie. It makes the movie more, I don’t know, alive?

I’d never expected that Channing would be playing a comedy movie that good. But, he was actually BEYOND GOOD. Jonah, as we all know, he’s my comedy hero for a long time. The chemistry between the two seemed really close. I salute how they both worked like the way they were. Just like Chan and Jonah.
The plot is just well-arranged. Tho I found some inappropriate languages used by the actors, I don’t care. The movie’s still good to watch along.
Yet you might find this movie as an action-conflict, character-driven, not-so-boring fighting scene which you’ll barely find through the movie. But, at one point, the movie actually tells me about how brotherhood could be made by just one accident. If there were no accidents happened, there would be no relationships ahead come along.

For those who need a genuine entertainment, or an instant holiday for this weekend, I highly recommend this movie for you to watch! You won’t regret.
Find out how Channing Tatum played as a so-called highschooler, and how Jonah Hill performed his funniest role of his career.


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