Tuesday Music.

Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk

So long you did me wrong

This is the guy who wrote music based on whatever pops out into his mind, a lot like Bruno Mars, but more edgy in a way.

Lately I’ve just been going back through the Motown catalog and discovering a lot of amazing songs that weren’t very popular when they were released but are just as good as some of the biggest hits. A lot of Smokey Robinson, Martha & The Vandellas and The Marvelettes. -MH

It’s a song about holding on too long in a relationship that makes both person seems like the bad guy (watch the video clip and you’ll understand)

P.S. He’s coming to town on my birthday. Stoked!

Feels like : Living in a love-nostalgic-soul moments

Sounds like : Smokey Robinson, Al Green, Buddy Holly

FuckYeahLyrics : “Tryin’ to deal but I’m coming to the end now.”

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