• NP is Narendra Pawaka | Interviewer
  • MF is Mark Foster | Vocals
  • CF is Cubbie Fink | Bass
  • MP is Mark Pontius | Drums

  • NP: Your album, Torches [2011], what are you trying to say through the album? What’s the message behind it?
  • MF: It’s about hope and how human feels vulnerable some of the time in their lives.
  • NP: What inspires you to write?
  • MF: Books, movies and my daily life.
  • NP: Who do you listen to most of the time?
  • CF: I love Michael Jackson, my favorite album is Off The Wall [1979]
  • NP: I saw the set list on the website, is it true that you played Bohemian Rhapsody, With Or Without You and New York, York on your shows?
  • CF: Nope, I don’t know who put that prank on the website.
  • NP: Pumped Up Kicks is a sweet sweet song to make love to.
  • MP: Yeah, one of our fan lost her virginity because of the song.
  • NP: And it’s also have this beach kinda feeling in it.
  • MP: Yeah, we made the song on the coast of L.A. so, no wonder it has that beach kind of effect to ya.
  • NP: Foster The People, what’s the philosophy behind the name?
  • MP: It’s Foster & The People at the first place, but then I forgot how we got into Foster The People.

(This post is originally copied from http://narendrapawaka.tumblr.com/. I’m pretty interested to re-post this magnificent interview with Foster The People. So no offense attached guuuuuys I’m just havin fun)


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