“CLICK” movie

So there! Gue baru selesai nonton Click. Yup. Adam Sandler. Another box office. Another my should-see movie on my top list! actually i have tons to say about this movie. Back then, i was collecting my mood to post something about this movie but i didn’t, so.

Oke, you’ll see some kind of bit movie review here….but you’ll see the relationship between this movie and, let’s say, my daily routine lately.

Film ini bercerita tentang seorang bapak yang sukses dengan pekerjaannya. He works marvellously hard for his family, so he could not make up any reason but his working and stuff when his wife argues about it. Pekerjaan selalu jadi alasan buat keluarganya, terutama buat istrinya yang kadang suka gak suka sama kehidupan si suami. Tired of arguing, of being judged exaggeratedly wrong by his wife, he finally felt knocked up. So he went downtown, looking for available store to visit. Sampe akhirnya dia sampe disatu toko, dia ketemu sama Morty, yang sebenernya adalah malaikat kematian.

SOO this is where the story begins, or maybe where it ends. Morty gave him a remote-control, a life-changing remote-control that he could never ever imagined of before. Remot ini sama kaya remot biasa. Pause, Play, Fast-forward, Back-forward, volume, colour, contrast, even SUBTITLE!  Spesialnyaaaa….segala sesuatu yang ada disekitar dia, yang dia bahkan kesel, atau muak karena satu keadaan. He can make it happen by clicking the remote! Misalnya, istrinya ngebacot dan dia mencet tombol pause, and suddenly everything pauses while he keeps talking. JUST LIKE THAT!

Anjingnya yang nggonggong terlalu keras, he can either turn it up or turn it down the volume. He can even skip certain situation that he doesn’t like. Sickness, arguing, so on.


About learning to appreciate our life NOW.
About accepting that everything around you is more important than any others.
About giving and taking care of one another.
About REGRETTING something we didn’t have a chance to.
About not taking for granted everything you think you’d never take your loved ones to.
About having a good time.
About instrospecting and judging others.

Suatu saat nanti, kita pasti bakal kehilangan orang yang kita sayangin. Satu persatu. Undeniable deh. Susah dihindarin. Karena itu emang sesuatu yang pasti.
Suatu saat nanti, orang-orang disekitar lo yang kita kira bakal nemenin kita seumur hidup, akan mati.
Suatu saat nanti, kita bakal rindu sama temen-temen, sahabat, orangtua, guru.
Suatu saat nanti, ada masanya buat kita untuk sadar bahwa segala sesuatu yang kita miliki sekarang itu penting banget.

Setiap manusia ada masanya, temen-temen!
Not trying to advise you, but i’m just sayin. i just wanna share ALL OF THOUGHTS i’ve been yearning to spill this whole time. Bersyukurlah kalian yg hidupnya serba dilebihkan. Hargai apa yg lo punya sekarang. Iri itu tanda tak mampu. Jangan mau dibuang2 waktunya!


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