Japan : Every Action Counts

Right before 3 p.m. Friday (March 11), Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake–it’s largest quake in at least 100 years–followed by massive tsunamis striking its coastal cities. Hundreds were killed and thousands have been displaced.

The very first thing that crossed my mind when I read this was “Is it true that 2012 (like..you know, the judgement day or whatever-would-you-call it) will finally be showing up?”. Untill now, I have been wondering about that thing coming up with into my mind.

Well..japan as you know, a country which appreciates music in deeply passion, a country with a beautiful flourishing flower namely Sakura. Japan..the only thing that pops up in my mind and the country that I’d always dream to be. Besides Korea and China, I’d prefer Japan.

I learn Japanese Language at school. In Indonesia, how on earth would you look for Japanese language teacher? Less possibility. If only there’s a Japanese language lesson…I mean English lesson has wide-spread through over Indonesia and it’s too prevalent. Might be someday, Indonesia would be one of the country that have a deep desire in using English Language. No idea…

And 8.9 magnitude quake destroys it all. In at least, (as I heard too) 140 years Japan has never been hit by the quake. As it affected to Latin American countries, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as an Indonesian president going to send some hand there before everyone starving to death and be homeless. All I really want to say is, it has been our right to prepare, be ready, and set up all of the things before God make His decision. What’d you do if the quake turning back to you?

Pick “the quake” word and replace with this situation :

You have great family, great friends, great life, and great in everything. And of course, in everyone’s life there’s always someone who covers you up in rain, never makes you feel like a loner, stays with you whenever you get down, and hold your thousand feelings when your tears fall. You love your OWN WORLD, because you thought they are willing to accompany you in any condition. You FORGET your God until He finally recalls.
Is there anything you can do IF God finally sends his wrath to give a little “click” and everything turns upside-down?

Love your world, balance it with loving your God at the same time.
You know what’s the best for you. Everyone knows theirs too.
Take the silver shining, and say “I’m ready.”



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