Leap on!

Hi everyone!
Something just got into my head and whipped my mindset. Here I am!
Having a little glance at my blog header. And then I decided to read the rest. Teeheee…

This place is too public, guess I’m gonna just write…some.
I just saw “Whip It” movie couple hours ago. Where Ellen Page was in.
This movie has a lot of common in our life (as a well human being).

As you know that when you’re so self-righteous that you have something that people don’t have, like talents..really makes you a pride. Or you’re good at something that you like. But what’s the whole point of this if you get yourself high through it?
People would stay away from you tho..

The moment when you feel so bad, or having some bad thoughts about someone else. Everything is like you own your world. You have friends, you have BESTfriends, you have big family, and boy/girlfriend that you thought your world is perfect. Everything is affordable, reachable, and valuable. All you have to do is put some effort in such a way.
Maybe time and space oftenly get us down. But do remember this quote :

“Life may knocks us down, but it’s our choice whether we back up.”

Take all the risks to fall, to fail, or even to death. Everyone’s got their own life. In every life, there’s always a bad side and good side. You deserve to use your right to choose what would you be. Friends and family are the above of all. Someday, somehow God will show His way, his own perfect way.

Do choose what is your concerning about, obey the rules, and screw your haters.
Don’t afraid of being different. Because it’s your phase and stage to be a better teen.
Smell you later!



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