Fifteen. Oh. What’s in a fifteen?
There must be a lot of meaning that could define what fifteen is.
Childhood. Adolescence. Maturity.
I’d prefer the second one to be defined.

Well, Howdy! I am Himawan. As you know, I’m a highschool boy. And yes, I’m fifteen an proud of it.
I’m going to be sixteen years old next month.
December 17th is absolutely the date I’ve been waiting for!
Eventhough, I don’t get any presents (like stuffs I like or kind of) from my parents. But, they had given me the best way to know who I was in the past 14 years old.

I have never expected that I’ve been this grown up so fast! It feels like I’m still my parents’s little kid.
Sometimes, I was just thinking, ‘why am I live here now? Right here right now?’
My childhood doesn’t really good for my nowadays.
I used to see my dad’s get mad whenever I toyed his stuffs. And my mom? Oh! What a goddess!
She’s been so patient until I’ve totally raised up?
I really  miss my childhood.

Now, maturity is just like a strange thing to me.
All I know, maturity is the beginning of your life. When you have passed your kid period and teen period. You all may know what your life is for. Is it really useful for your nowadays?
I’m writing this to all of teenagers in the world. Especially to fifteen years old one.
Fifteen is the most powerful age. You are finding for the way your living. Who you are and what your life is for.
Would you really unleash just yet?
Find ourselves identity is not as easy as you find a stars at night.
15 years old length to find who ourself is.

Above all, we enjoy what have we got this entirely time and don’t ever look back.
Mistakes, regrets, and stupidities are just only the passenger. You are the one who drive. It’s your choice whether you’d bring them along or left them behind.
Think for today AS A TEEN. Don’t pretending to be mature person if you can’t.
Beautiful in your own way, is prettier than pretending to be someone else.


2 thoughts on “Fifteen.

  1. Actually, you would want to look back, someday. Not now maybe but someday you will just remember all your childhood/teenage years and just miss it.

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