Happy Birthday John Lennon!

Happy Birthday to our honourable-legendary-singer 70th John Lennon!
God! What an age! It’s younger than my grandmother though. Well, My grams like 80’s and He is just 70th!

Actually, I don’t really know that today (8/10/10) is his birthday, I just opened Google homepage and found the new “GOOGLE” image. And when I point to it, it pops like a caption words say “John Lennon 70th Birthday”. And I immidiately binged it, and feel so excited to know!

Maybe i don’t really know who John Lennon is, and I know all of his songs (within The Beatles) by my mom and my dad. They like ‘taught’ me in many way to get to know who John Lennon is, lol it’s kinda freak me out but I love him eventually!
As I’ve heard about The Beatles, it has been a legendary performer and the best phenomenon in the world before Twilight Saga! It wows me!

Suddenly, I expect that I would rather back to 70/80’s which is a period of The Beatles was exist!
But it has been over, there is no the legendary and famous The Beatles or John Lennon anymore. There are Greenday, Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy or others alike.
There is no could have been like ‘them’.
And I downloaded most of Beatles’s songs like Yesterday, The Long and Winding Road. They are my favorite songs ever!

So, hereby John Lennon would always have been my idol, well, my TRUE IDOL actually.
He’s the real fantastician and the hottie alive!

And hey! Check this out, got it from Youtube

Addition, John Lennon – Imagine Music Video!


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