Boys Night Out

Happy Holidaaaaaay! 🙂
Now I’m just having my holiday. And this is my third day on holiday, it was really exciting. There’s a lot of things i gotta tell you. And i guess today and the moving up days will be my latest day in Jakarta. So….listen to this carefully.

Holiday has come! Any you guys has a plan? Well, yet i have one. I’m going to my lovely home sweet home in Kalimantan, Pontianak spesifically. I didn’t expected so much that holiday is moving forward this fast. Maybe, i’m gonna tell you what i have been doing whole this three days recently. Well, i do.

This is Sunday night in Indonesia, and i don’t know, I’m still feel that i was in horrifying tired! How’s there? Indonesia is really calm tonight, there is no rain. Being a teenager is not always good as i’ve always expected actually… There’s some…reasons why’d i say that. Instead, while you’re being a teenage then the other side there’s a other teen was begging for some food, starving in death. I’m just thinking. How lucky I is!
This is the first reason, and I don’t know why what people would say, but i still care about them (I mean like other teen who don’t as lucky as me at all, like have a parents or given some money. Oh damn it’s true) within my adolescent is going to be very different, i guess.

Okay, enough with the pushes. I’m just about jump in.
On Friday, that’s the first day of my weekend. And like you know, some friends invited me to join their party and I’m just like oh it’s okay, come on, what else would we do in house, eh? Such a waste.
So…me, and my two other guys were heading to apparently good food court and i was just like felt wonderful cause that’s the first time I was there.
We ate some steaks and fried fries with chocolate milkshake and we were just like stunned off when hot girl was sitting toughly right in front of us! Gaaah that was a view!
I thought she has boyfriend or something but i don’t think so. She just sat there and just made a phone call with other guys, lol what else could she do….

On Saturday, THIS IS THE MOST EXHAUSTING DAY of all. Well same guys they just asking for go out for late night. But seemsly it doesn’t work for me because many reasons. I’m not allowed to bought a motorbike cause i haven’t get my license yet so..not boyz night just, a while night. UGH.
We’re all heading to Summarecon Mall Serpong, not exactly at the mall. But we want some ‘different’ view. Like stage, and singing girl with rock drummers behind.

Had some yoghurt at Sour Sally to came by and just eat my youghurt greedily. Nice yoghurt, i love the cream! But the most annoying part is when we just about to go back home! IT WAS RAIN ALL NIGHT LONG! We’re stuck in a suburb and just waited until the rain stops by. That was amazingly awful satnight (saturday night) lol but everything’s ok! I arrived home at 11 am. Luckily, my dad didn’t chewed me out and i just went sleep and then click! Bye guys 🙂

I really wanna to go to Sour Sally anytime. Having my laptop with and just playin’ around.


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