Fasting Month Isn’t Always Sucks.

Month of fasting is one of the most impressive month in my life. Why? because maybe a lot from some people who think that fasting month is the same as other months. They ignore what is the meaning of fasting in fact, there are even many people who do not care about the arrival of the fasting month. When in fact, we must know the meaning of large and majestic that accompanied the arrival of the fasting month.

Today is already the days when before Lebaran. Lebaran’ve come arrived, and not really when I think of new fixed and began fasting yesterday. The same home town and a large family gathering in my hometown, it’s so delicious and beautiful, is not it?

Same way as a prayer terawih, terawih is actually important for us because that is one hallmark of the fasting month, terawih. I always remember the first time terawih prayers, still innocent and not know how intentions. But it was all a blessing in itself.

Well, now I’ve become a teenager who if told to do very hard towards it. If my dad told me to pray, I would have a thousand reasons to say no. And that is so paramount and so the new sentence in my dictionaries. Hehe.

Fasting month … I do not ever see you next year, hopefully we are reunited again. That is also if i still want prayers terawih, if you still keep this up, when the advance?

I can not wait for going home this year. get THR:)


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