Is Seattle On Me?

Hello there! How are you doing?
Okay, this is the 16th day of fasting day in Indonesia! So happy fastin to you guys!
And yet, my life is sistematically like usual, dirty, and windy. Haha Tangerang (it’s one of town name in Indonesia) is going to be the best city in the world with it’s dirt and pollution. How i gotta say this?

Alright, talking about dirtness or cleanness, we’re all agreed that there might be better place to stay. Like UK, US, and Singapore. God! I forgot my mom has been to Singapore for awhile now! And i literally envy with her cause what kinda people who ignore this, right? Seattle is my favorite place, what i dream about, and i have share with. I absolutely, and literally wanna go there!
If I just could wondering how would i get there that’s my huge obsession. Maybe i should just come and take some pictures there lol even i don’t know what am i going to do there, but I would. So, give me a ticket to get there!

So, when i was having my mom at home, she just about show her camera up to me, and there she was like with some glasses right standing up in front of “UNIVERSAL STUDIO”. Which is big, round, and mesmerizing. I guess no one would deny to take some pictures there. So do i. Lol. Yet, she said that Singapore is the cleanest city has she ever visited. My mom is a civil servants—forestry so, she travels a lot.

And yeah, Beverly Hills is in I guess. And the first reason why does it in is because it’s where Logan Lerman’s broughten up!

And second, i think that is the prettiest town in the world so far. Fashionable, and just good. I’m just about hit my head to the wall when i say this. How would i get there? God! Suddenly, i felt i was 10th grade again. I’m having a debate competition which is consist of every school’s delegation. Every best man were sent to that place and there is a banner says “DIPLOMATIC COURSE, PITTSBURGH” I’m sorry i can’t put the name clearly cause i’m forget! 🙂 But it’s pretty tough, and such a pride to me, i was sent with my best-man, it was like sit and shout lol. Nutty as fruitcake.

I have never imagined to Seattle, Singapore, Beverly Hills, or Pittsburgh. But i’ll try to be esteem myself at all as the way i are. Indeed, there’s a lot people are success with their skills and desires. So, don’t stop trying guys! Try to be a good and handy people.



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