In My Opinion : Breaking Dawn

Hey Twilight Lovers!
I knew all of you were in totally excited about Breaking Dawn’s new release date movie. It should be November 12th rite? So let’s waitin! LOL Actually like you too, i can’t wait about Breaking Dawn’s set filming. Like where it takes, and who are the new guys. I’m just talkin about Breaking Dawn here. And hey actually i just finished read the book and i was in terribly excited and can’t wait what the movie will be look like.

So, I guess Breaking Dawn is my favourite book right now. Don’t know why but Eclipse is givin the stills! I hate reading Eclipse because i hate whenever Jacob says or saying something to Bella or Edward (Sorry for the Jacob Team but i totally hate Jacob at all). I think Bella gave him huge ambition so Jacob would not surrends. It makes Edward chewed up. And the way Jacob was lookin at Bella, makes me like pissed off! Hey c’mon man! Edward and Bella were meant to be haha LOL. Even though i think Jacob is much young and much attractive and fresh, doesn’t look like Edward who is “Old Class” 😛 But i just love the way Edward protect her and get rid from the troubles that comes to them.

How Alice like being a bestfriend so fine. And I absolutely hoping that Alice would be my sister or maybe Jasper would be ahah. But let’s talk about Breaking Dawn 🙂

Well, my favourite part from the book is when Bella already been a vampire. And they (Edward and Bella) were doing their first hunt! Aaaah i love that part so badly. And the part when Bella and Edward are having their honey moon in Esme’s Island. Oh my god, what could else be better than this?
Stephenie, you are so good writer! You created this world and you made this up. You just…..great! Write someee!!! I would have bought your books if you would. And I don’t really give much thought about “The names” in the Breaking Dawn book. Like the housekeeper in Esme’s Island (Gustavo and I forgot her name once), and like Denali Clan (Kate, Tanya, Irina, Eleazar and many moore) But I love the way Stephenie took steps how all of those cool guys can be in one part/scene. It was great and makes me can’t waaaaaait! 🙂
And oh god RENESMEE! I can’t expect who is gonna play Renesmee a half vampire and a half human. Guess those guys are not disappointed me.

How about ya guys?? Let’s share!!


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